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Can cards be moved from right to left? Can they be moved from top to bottom?

When first dealt, each player arranges (moves in any order) the cards into two rows of four cards across. Once the first two cards are turned face up, cards may no longer be moved in any direction on the playing surface. Cards may only be replaced with a card drawn from the deck or the discard pile, or turned up in place, but never moved around.

Do the -5 cards have to be placed in each corner in order to get the -30 points? (when you get all 4 of them.)

If you get all four -5 cards (lucky you!), they do not have to be placed in each corner to get the -30 points. They just need to be in two pairs.

How do you play if you want to have 8 players in the game?

For 8 players, it is suggested that you use three decks of Play Nine, for a total of 162 cards. Three decks contain twelve each of cards 0-12 and six -5 cards. There are 108 cards in one game of Play Nine, which are divided into two packs of 54 cards. Three decks would include one pack from an additional game.

What happens when you are in a game and you play through the deck? Do you all have to flip or do you shuffle through the deck?

There is no official rule for when the entire deck is used and the game hasn’t finished. We suggest for your house rule that you call “final round” when there are still enough cards left in the deck for each player to have one last draw. With 6 players this would mean calling the final round when there are 6 cards left in the deck. You may not use all the cards if some players choose to pick from the discard pile, but this would give each player one last turn and be a fair way to end the game.