How To Play

Quick, casual, fun...Play Nine is a great game for a casual game night or family gathering. Learn how to play the game of Play Nine below.

Play Nine card game - how to play

Set The Course

Deal 8 cards to each player. Then arrange your cards into two rows of 4 cards. Each player flips two cards face up to start the game.

Advancing Down The Fairway

Play continues in order with all players drawing, then turning over or replacing a card as they shoot for the lowest score.

Have a bad shot? Don't despair. With some strategic thinking and a little luck of the draw, you can turn a wayward shot into a stroke of genius.

Shaving Off Strokes

Players work to reduce their score by matching cards. When a set of cards match, they cancel out to equal zero strokes. In this example, the golfer has 12 strokes.

Winning The Hole

When a player replaces or turns over the last facedown card, showing eight face up cards, play ends for that player. All other players then take one last shot, drawing one last card. After all the players have taken their last shot, all remaining facedown cards are turned over and individual scores are counted and posted on the scorecard.

After nine holes, the player with the lowest amount of strokes wins the game.