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Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf, is a fun and exciting twist on the classic golf card game. Fun family Card Games for all ages. Easy to play. Simple to learn.

Are you ready to “par tee?”

Play Nine is here to keep every game night on course!

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Play Nine is here to keep every game night on course!

Are you ready to “par tee?”

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Gone are the days where you need sun, clubs, and a course to play golf. Play Nine brings all of the elements of golf right into the palm of your hand, so get ready to tee off anytime, anywhere! The object is simple: shoot the lowest score. After nine holes, the lowest score wins. This is a game of strategy, with card values ranging from -5 (hole-in-one) to 12 (out of bounds). But it’s also a game of luck, so be sure to play your cards right.

To start, players are dealt eight cards each face-down, with a discard pile and a draw pile at the center. Players then take turns drawing, discarding, or trading their cards for the lowest value cards. After the ninth hole, the scores for all turns are tallied and the player with the lowest score wins!

Play Nine Rules

are available to download in

English French

The Setup

2 decks of high-quality Play Nine cards. Scorecards. Printed rules. Golf pencil. Visors and polos encouraged, but not included.

Standard game play calls for 2-6 players at a time, and can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to play, depending on how many golfers are in the game.

Additional scorecards are available to download here:

Now on iOS and Android.

Take Play Nine anywhere!

Download our new app for free and enjoy unlimited single-player in offline mode or challenge your friends in multiplayer games. The Play Nine: Mobile card game app is perfect for road trips and playing with friends from around the world.


Play Nine is the perfect game for people of all different strokes! Created by Illinois game-lovin’ duo Ceil Anderson and Kathy Assell of Double A Productions Inc., Play Nine has been bringing golf from the green to the card table for families, friends, and communities alike since 2004. Bonfit is the exclusive distributor of Play Nine, which has been widely distributed across the globe.

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Fun Game for All Ages to Play Together!

We were looking for a game that was simple. We wanted everyone to be able to participate including the younger kids. The youngest was four and the oldest was sixty-five. Everyone enjoyed it!

Great Game for the Whole Family – lots of strategy, quick games, easy to learn!

The game is easy enough to pick up in a couple hands, but challenging enough to keep the adults going against each other with strategic moves to get lower scores or cause others to get higher scores.

Easy and Fun Family Game!

Great for 30-40 minutes away from the TV. I highly recommend this game!

Perfect Family Game!

This is such a fun game and a great way to spend time with the family making happy memories. If you are looking for a gift item, or looking for a game to play with the kids, this is so fun!

Everyone Should Have This Game!

Since I purchased this game EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I have played this game with has gone out and purchased it. Even the people who said they don’t “play” games. It’s easy and a lot of fun.