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(New Look) Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf
(New Look) Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf
Play Nine, Score Card Sheet Pad, 3 Pack
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Golf, strategy, and a stroke of luck

Play Nine is the golf themed card game that is perfect for a casual game night. The mix of strategy and chance makes for an ever-changing game that never gets boring. With easy to learn instructions, you'll have the whole group playing in no time.

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What others are saying about Play Nine

Super fun game to play as you try to get the lowest score just as in golf. Just when you think you're going to win, the game can change in a snap! Everyone loves it.

- John

Seriously, one of the best games, my entire family loves this game, it’s super easy to learn, and so fun to play!! Totally recommend this game to anyone!

- Brittney

We play this card game with our adult friends and with our grandchildren and thoroughly enjoy this interesting and strategic game.

- Bill

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