Play With Friends

Customize the game to your liking and invite your friends and family. In this mode, you can create the perfect game and send the private game code to your friends.

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Multiplayer Mode

From Japan to the US, fans of Play Nine live around the world! Find open games with other Play Niners and compete for the prize purse.


Offline Mode

Need extra practice time? Pick a game in offline mode to practice strategies and hone your skills. The bots have 3 different levels for people of all skill levels.

In this mode you can quickly play a couple holes, take your meeting, and jump right back into your game.

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Customize Your Game

Create custom games based on your preferences. Do you like quick speed rounds? Try a 2-player, 3 Hole game.

To create your game, pick your designated number of players. Then choose from 3 holes or all the way up to the traditional 9 hole game.

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  • In-Game Chat

    Keep the excitement going with out in-game chat feature. Talk with friends, family or strangers but remember to keep the competition friendly.

  • Achievements

    The more you play the more achievements you can add to your wall. Compete in 10 multiplayer games, win four 4-player games, and more!

  • Daily Spins

    Come back everyday for a chance to get free coins and tickets. Keep coming back for increased prizes every day. Don't get too excited though!